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News For Week of April 21, 2014

KEEP SWEET POTATOES ON YOUR MENU (Monday, April 21): So did you have some Sweet Potatoes for Easter? Oh my goodness, we always have Sweet Potatoes for Easter. Please, I’m begging you, do not let Easter be the last time this year, well, before Thanksgiving, that you eat Sweet Potatoes, please. These beautiful Sweet Potatoes are the healthiest Vegetable grown on Planet Earth. You did know that we can buy Sweet Potatoes, or Yams, w

News For Week of April 14, 2014

PEEPERS AND POTATOES (Monday, April 14): Hey, 1828, the first American dictionary was published by Webster. So I want you to go to the Webster’s Dictionary, find the word peeper. Look up the word peeper. You will not find the word peeper associated with Potatoes, but I’m going to associate peepers with Potatoes. Do you see these little tiny peepers? We call them peepers. These are starting to sprout, these Potato

News For Week of April 7, 2014

JUST WHAT YOU NEED FOR THE “BIG DANCE” (Monday, April 7):  It was March Madness. My little boy, Landon, was thrilled to death -- all of the games, who went to The Dance, it was unbelievable. All the basketball games he was watching almost every day, he and his Nonnie. And so, finally tonight is the Championship Game. We have to get ready with guacamole, so we start with the best Avocado on Earth, it is the Hass Avocad

News For Week of March 31, 2014

MANGO SEASON (Monday, March 31): Thirteen games today. Major league baseball season really begins, and I know we had a baseball game a few weeks ago, but it really, officially begins today. It’s also the beginning of another season. Whenever I see the beginning of the baseball season, it’s also the beginning of Mango season. Southern Mexico, right now, is in harvest of one of the early varieties and, may I say, one of the finest varieties. It is called an Ataulfo Mango.&nb

News For Week of March 24, 2014

THE NEW GUYS IN MY WIFE’S LIFE (Monday, March 24): All right. My wife has a couple new guys in her life. Here they are, Gai Choi and Gai Lan. These are two Greens in the Asian markets, and I have seen these more and more in supermarkets. This is, right here, it kind of looks like Mustard Greens, and it’s called Gai Choi. It’s kind of like a Chinese Mustard or Napa Cabbage. In fact, it has that nice Cabbagey smell and that nice Cabbagey aroma. You’ll n

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