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News For Week of March 23, 2015

ASPARAGUS FROM THE DELTA  (Monday, March 23): Hey, this week is the National Geographic state level of the Geographic Bee. So get out your world atlas, and get out your USA atlas. Turn over to California, and go to Stockton and Lodi, and look just west of there. There you will find hundreds of miles of waterways and hundreds of little islands. We call it the Delta region of California, and that is where we're now getting some of the most world‑famous spears of Asparagus growin

News For Week of March 16, 2015

THEY CALL IT BLOOD ORANGE (Monday, March 16): Take a look at this. Come really close. Looks like an Orange. Well, it is an Orange. This was created in Italy, has a little red on the outside. Let me cut this thing in half. The varietal name of this is actually called Moro Blood Orange. Look at the color in there. It is absolutely dazzling. To make a fabulous sauce out of this, to make a drink out of this, adding some red oranges ‑‑ some blood oranges in

News For Week of March 9, 2015

TIME FOR A LEEK (Monday, March 9): My wife and I have fallen in love with Leeks, especially Julie. She never really cooked with Leeks until I began bringing them home and cooking them with her. Nothing like a great Leek Potato Soup, especially this time of year -- late winter, early spring -- I still love some soups and stews. Leeks are fantastic in them. This is a Leek. I know for many of you, it looks like an over-grown Green Onion, but this is actually a beautiful ‑‑ it is in the onion family. What you're looking for is not the e

News For Week of March 2, 2015

CELEBRATE THE SOUND OF MUSIC (Monday, March 2): It is the 50-year anniversary of one of my favorite musicals of all time: Julie Andrews and “The Sound of Music” 50‑year anniversary. There’s one song that never made it to the movie, and it was when Julie Andrews, up on the hillside with her guitar, she's singing to her kids. Maybe you remember the song that you heard in the movie, but this is actually the Produce song from that movie. Are you ready for this? A, is for the Apple of my eye. B, it stands for Broccoli. C,

News For Week of February 23, 2015

PORTABELLA PIZZA SAUCE (Monday, February 23):  Well, we're going to make a Portabella pizza and, of course, any pizza starts with what? I know, the dough, but it also starts with the sauce. You have to have the right sauce. So I want to teach you how to make your very own sauce. We're just going to take some Tomato sauce here, just regular Tomato sauce; I'm just going to pour it in there, that's all I need. And then we're going to get some Italian herb seasoning, that's all you need. Italian herb seasoning, you with me so far? No

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